About Kate & Zoe

When we worked at a local wholesale bakery a couple of years ago, we quickly bonded over our love for laminated doughs, local produce, and live music. The summer of 2018 we took a trip to Europe which bonded us for life through another experience - getting food poisoning. We suffered through three days of gastrointestinal hell in Munich together, praying that we would make it on our return flight home. 

After that experience we knew we could do anything together. Prior to getting sick we had been touring bakeries in Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels. There was a quality to the viennoiserie that we had seldom seen in the United States. During long train rides and walks through cities we discussed how to bring the pastries we saw back home with us. What would it look like to create pastries like those, but using Colorado fruits and flour?

Fast forward to the early spring of 2020. Kate is working at Watercourse Foods as a kitchen manager, and Zoe as the pastry lead at Uchi Denver. COVID-19 hits. We both got furloughed from our jobs as restaurants came to a screeching halt. Knowing we would return to our jobs eventually (and hopefully sooner rather than later) we realized, this is the moment to test drive our bakery concept. So we started doing weekly deliveries of our pastries. We spent time talking about what we wanted our bakery to evolve into. Some of our previous job experiences showed that large scale baking was not for us. So...what if we went in the complete opposite direction - what if we started a micro-bakery? Just the two of us, sourcing our ingredients as locally and fairly as possible. Moon Raccoon Baking Co. was born. 

We are currently working out of the Lakewood Commissary full-time. We are bringing back our Saturday Bakesale in November with a bit of a different format. Stay tuned for details!

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